Private Label

Private-label indicate products or services which have been especially examined and meet dedicated requirements. Private-labels are applicable within many market segments.

As the "big" management-norms have to simultaneously serve application needs, they include a wide range for interpretation and they are not able to regulate particular topies of individual branches. There for quite often branches or international facilities define ther own regulations for suppliers, which are predict particular themes, which are only applied for those parties, which cooperate with the groups, having initiated such requirements. Those private-labels are subsequentley more restrictive in many cases than comperative norms.

In the last period more and lore privat - label - standarts have been evaluated. Mostly they are not much of public interest, in order to be elevated and publicated at a national or international level.

If private-label standards are assessed, this is done using conventional certification routines. At the same time however, private - labels are often more economical to be operated, as the conventional governmental restrictions and cost intensive surveillances do not apply.

We currently offer private-labels in the following areas:

Qualification of institutions that facilitate travel adjusted to the needs of the disabled; this incorporates all groups that are integrated into travel activities, from planning, transport and logistics up to liaison and support and the organisation of events

Qualification of therapests in the area of sleep apnea treatment for the tailoring of specific medical products (protrusion treatment) according to the patients indication; this also includes  the supply chain responsibility of the manufacturer to the patient as the user of the medical device

Qualification of hygienic conditions among services for health care, wellness, cosmetics, medical services and food

Any available certification can be issued as well with a private-label. The meaning of this assessment is mostly enough as quality confirmation. The procedure is effective and acording to the needs, as the formalism of an accreditation may be neglected.

If requested it is possible for us to analyze your requirements with respect to the standard of quality being targeted and to develop assessment criteria and appraisal routines we can then implement them on your behalf with the parties involved. The party issuing a private-label standard could certainly execute similar appraisals in terms of a supplier assessment. Because a neutral body As we operate as we offer the partners in the supplier relationship the option of determining the status professionally and objectively.

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