MLA, Multilateral agreement, is an agreement between Accreditation Bodies regarding mutual recognition of Accreditation.

The Multilateral Agreement (MLA) is a signed agreement between the Accreditation bodies whereby the signatories recognise and accept the equivalence of the accreditation systems operated by the signing members, and also the reliability of the conformity assessment results provided by conformity assessment bodies accredited by the signing members.

The signatories members belong to the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA), the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

The goal of these organizations is the European and international recognition of accreditations and therefore of the evaluation reports and conformity certificates of the accreditation bodies. The requirements for the achievement of this result is a common understanding as well as a far-reaching harmonization of the interpretation of all relevant standards.

The central contents of the MLA:

Each signatory recognizes the accredited bodies by the other signatories, as if it had accredited them by itself.
Each signatory actively engages in order that the industry and the authorities of his own country recognize all the accredited bodies from other signatories.
Each signatory is re-evaluated every 4 years by the remaining signatories.

The mark of an EA MLA signatory on certificates and reports issued by accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies acts as a “passport to trade”. The confidence this accreditation brings eliminates the need for suppliers to be certified in each country in which they sell their products or services, and therefore provides the framework for goods and services to cross borders in Europe and throughout the world.

All conformity assessment results (e.g. reports and certificates) provided by Conformity Assessment Bodies accredited by an EA MLA signatory are considered to be under the EA MLA provided that the conformity assessment results issued by the CAB contain a reference to the relevant accreditation.


Regulation (EC) No 765/2008 places an obligation on EU Member States to accept results issued by the conformity assessment bodies accredited by any of the EA MLA signatories. This clearly removes the need for a product to be re-tested or re-certified when marketed on different markets in the EU, provided that the certificate is covered by valid accreditation.

QS QUALITY SERVICES LTD is accreditated according ISO 17021 by ESYD and according ISO 17020 by NAB 

ESYD and NAB are two recognized Accreditated Bodies and members of IAF and EA

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